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Until next time

And just like that, my fellowship comes to an end…

This has been a truly wonderful experience, full of travel, learning, networking and growth. Looking back, some of my favorite experiences were:

  • Meeting members of the dance community in Portland and discussing dance representation
  • Spending the week with Libby and Kat at the DHC headquarters in D.C.
  • Working with the data of the Howard-Holtzman Collection on Isadora Duncan
  • Holding Anna Pavlova’s pointe shoes
  • Traveling to NOLA for the first time and networking at SAA
  • Laughing with the DHC fellows at group dinners

My accomplishments in the last 6 weeks (practicum portion of the fellowship) include:

  • Started project planning for DPDP and created preliminary project planning document
  • Outlined preliminary DPDP projects
  • Defined DPDP Ontology/ Metadata Schema Research Project
  • Implemented research and recommendation phase of Ontology/ Metadata Schema Research Project
  • Lead DPDP meeting at SAA Conference in NOLA
  • Held research meetings with user groups in Portland
  • Conducted two mini archival assessments for White Bird and Martha Ullman West
  • Produced recommendation document for DPDP Ontology/ Metadata Schema Research Project
  • Created experimental data submission method for independent user groups for data submissions to DHC

Now that the fellowship is over, I am concentrating on finding a full time position in the library science field. Until then, I’ll be teaching ballet in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Best wishes to my readers!

~ Lyla


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