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Did you go to ALA?

I often get asked by non librarian folk if there is an annual gathering of librarians in which we get to talk about “librarian stuff”.  If you are also wondering, the answer is: yes. I had the pleasure of attending the 137th  ALA Annual Conference with several of the women from the DHC Fellow cohort. This year’s conference was held at McCormick Place, a massive convention center in Chicago.

DHC Fellows Lyla Medeiros (Left) and Jennifer Kishi (Right) at ALA 2013

DHC Fellows Lyla Medeiros (Left) and Jennifer Kishi (Right) at ALA 2013

As a representative of DHC, several Fellows and I attended the Dance Librarians Discussion Group (DLDG) roundtable. We introduced ourselves and spoke a little about the projects we are working on for DHC at our host archives. In addition to the DHC cohort, there were representatives from Yale University, NYPL for the Performing Arts, UCLA, and Chicago State. It was fantastic to meet and chat with the other dance librarians that attended.

With somewhere around 25,000 people attending ALA, the experience was overwhelming at times, but fun none the less. In addition to the DLDG, I also attended the ALA Job Fair and strolled around the exhibit hall where everything from high tech book scanners to library furniture was on display. I even saw a few friends from my alma matter Indiana University and of course I picked up some librarian swag from Baker & Taylor

Librarian Swag: The "Cat Bag"

Librarian Swag: The “Cat Bag”

More about my project work at UCLA in my next post!



MODS, EAD and Isadora?

We’ve missed you, you say.

What have you been doing at UCLA, you ask?  

 Succinctly, this:

Planning Session at UCLA

Planning Session at UCLA

Yes, I’ll explain…

A little background info:

The Charles E. Young Research Library Department of Special Collections has a fabulous collection on Isadora Duncan. You can search the finding aid (the contents of the collection) at the Online Archive of California: Howard-Holtzman Collection on Isadora Duncan

Notice that the finding aid is just a nice list of what is in the collection? Wouldn’t you like to be able to see images of  some of those awesome sounding items? Well, that’s what UCLA  Special Collections and the UCLA Digital Library Program have asked me to help them accomplish!

What we are starting the project with:

The Isadora collection has already been processed (organized and preserved) and each item in the collection and the order in which it is organized has been described in this  finding aid. The finding aid is encoded in EAD  (a metadata schema used for describing archival collections).

Each item in the collection has now been digitized (meaning that we now have high quality .tif image(s) of each item in the collection) and we want to make them accessible on the UCLA Digital Library website.

The Digital Library uses a metadata schema called MODS to encode information about the images on their site.

Project challenges:

EAD and MODS don’t “talk” to each-other. Additionally, they are used to represent resources differently:

  • EAD was developed for describing an entire collection and how all of the items in the collection are related to each-other

  • MODS was developed for describing a single item in great detail

So how do we represent individual items from the Isadora Duncan collection on the Digital Library website in MODS without stripping them of the relationships and context that has been defined in the collection’s EAD? Well, that’s what we are trying to find a solution to!

Lets take this one step further: 

Soon, UCLA Special Collections will start using a new system called ArchiveSpace to create EAD records and the Digital Library will start using a new system called Islandora which will host individual MODS records for each item.  More about this in my next post…

~ Lyla

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